Twin Screw Conical Extruders

HMG – Twin Screw Conical Extruders

The proven screw geometries will give high outputs with less wear even when using regrind material or higher filled formulations.  For some applications Conical Twin Screw Extruder types are an excellent choice.

  • Improved sturdy Gearbox with high safety factor
  • Screws and Barrel – bimetallic execution
  • Vertical Gearbox for easy maintenance and also space saving
  • Safety overload shut-off
  • Material Feeding twin screw type


  • Superb Melt Homogeneity
  • Synchronisation speed for main drive, starve feeder and hauloff
  • Double Vacuum Storage tanks (for easy cleaning during production)

Bottom Line

  • Smaller footprint thanks to reduced length
  • Low maintenance with higher output
  • Less screws/barrels replacement problem to give optimum productivity
  • Wide range of application
Twin Screw Extruder Machine Conical

Technical Specifications

MODELHMG 54/27HMG 65/22HMG 67/27HMG 90/24HMG 92/27HMG 110/27HMG 132/27
Screw Counter Rotating54 mm 27 D65 mm 22 D67 mm 27 D90 mm 24 D92 mm 27 D110 mm 27 D132 mm 27 D
Max. Speed (rpm)54505042423628
Torque (Nm)3500420058008400155002400037500
Barrel Heater (kW)1718,53041455055
No. Barrel Cooling Zone2223233
Motor Drive (kW)152237557590110
Starve Feeder (kW)0,750,750,75kw1,11,11,52,2
Hopper Volume (cm3)150180180200200270300
Weight Approx. (kg)1500220024003500450062009000
Vacuum Pump (kW)0,750,751,01,01,52,22,2
Adapter (kW)0,750,750,751,01,01,01,0
Tooling Die Zone44586910
Output Pipe (kg/h)100-150200-220300-350400-450350-650800-9001100-1200
Output Profile (kg/h)80-120150-180200-280250-350200-460
Dimension-Length (mm)2300310033003600420051005900
Dimension-Width (mm)1180130013001500150018002350
Dimension-Height (mm)2100230023002400240024002700

Technical Specifications

Twin Screw Extruder Dimensions

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