Spray Tanks

Spray cooling tanks are subject to extreme loads as a result of varying product temperatures in the production line. With our production technologies coupled with our corrosion resistant designs, HMG Extrusion spray tanks provide excellent cooling capabilities along with very beneficial pricing.

Spray tanks are available for production of pipes up to 1,200mm. We can also provide support plates and rollers for you particular diameters.

Spray Tank
Spray Tank Extrusion Sales

Technical Specifications

Pipe Capacity160mm250mm315mm500mm630mm800mm1000mm
Vacuum Length5.8 meter5.8 meter5.8 meter5.8 meter5.8 meter5.8 meter5.8 meter
Water Pump Kw1X 4Kw1X 5.5Kw1X 5.5Kw1X 7.5Kw1X 7.5Kw2X 5.5Kw5X 5.5Kw
Spray Headers444681012
Centerline Height mm1000mm-1200mm1100-1250mm1100-1250mm1100-1250mm1350-1600mm1350-1600mm1350-1600mm
Spray Tank Extrusion Sales

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