Single Screw Extruders – Lumen

These extruders are specifically designed for HDPE / PP / PPR / XPE / ABS / Soft PVC / PMMA / TPE / PC pipes and proviles with minimum space requirements. The screw length of 33 D results in a reliable machine with a wide output range.

The standard extruder comprises of a nitrided screw and barrel, a dependable control system, and a touch screen as an extra option.

Single Screw Extruder

Technical Specifications

Screw Diameter30mm35mm45mm45mm50mm60mm65mm
Max Speed RPM100100100100120150150
Barrel Heater KW891111152018
Cooling Zones3344355
Motor Drive KW4411111111075
Tooling Die Zones2333466
Throughput (Kg/Hr)1518305080300250
Screw Diameter75mm75mm90mm90mm120mm
Max Speed RPM12015095120120
Barrel Heater KW2235407290
Cooling Zones55556
Motor Drive KW11016090250355
Tooling Die Zones88889
Throughput (Kg/Hr)3506504207001200
Single Screw Lumen

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