Screws and Barrels

Single and Twin Screw Technology that meets Your Demands. We bring you the processing technology that fits your type, no matter what brand extruder you run, no matter what product you extrude.

We utilize the technology and know-how of the successful HMG Extruders, and offer you to take advantage of the latest development in extrusion equipment. In our R&D department we continuously develop new screw designs in order to meet and excel our customers processing needs.

HMG Extrusions hands you the opportunity to utilize these advancements in single- and twin screw designs for your production.

As time goes by, tooling, resins, formulations and simply processing requirements change. In comparison, our screws feature up to 50% more screw surface area and a lower compression ratio than typical extruder screws. This enable a more gentle plastification and better wear resistance. All of our screws are nitrided and coated on the outer diameter with a low COF molybdenum coating, by means of LASER WELDING. New coating technology for increased wear resistance and lifetime includes a VCr-Alloy coating applied by means of Laser Method.

Composition / Materials
Our screws are made from highly wear resistant nitriding steel and our barrels meet the tightest tolerance specs and help maintaining your production rates at max!

For our twin screw barrels we only use high quality steel and machine it on state of the art manufacturing equipment. The barrels are nitrided, using a proven two step heat treating process, to provide an extra thick, wear resistant layer.

Bimetallic barrels for extra long life are available on demand.

Sizing / Specifications

Sizes for screws and barrels range from as small as 35 mm up to more than 160 mm and maximum length of 5 meters. Screw geometries can be customized or made as an exact match


screws and barrels

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