Haul-Offs for Pipe Production

We offer heavy duty and precise speed controlled haul-offs for all pipe applications up to 1,200mm in diameter.

Multi-track haul-offs allow for proper centering of the pipe in the haul-off and provide the necessary pull force required for your pipe extrusion production.

Vector drives or our optional servo controlled systems provide close tolerance speed control. Direct drive motors and gearboxes at each beam track provides smooth, maintenance free pulling without the mess and maintenance of typical chain driven haul-offs

    Extrusion Haul Off Equipment
    haul off equipment

    Technical Specifications

    Minimum Pipe Diameter (mm)6090110200315355630
    Maximum Pipe Diameter (mm)1602503155006308001000
    Contact Length (mm)1200180018002000220022002500
    Motor (Kw)1.5 x 21.5 x 41.5 x 41.5 X 61.5 X 61.5 x 8 1.5 x 8
    Speed (m/min.).8 – 8.0.5 – 3.0.3- 3.0.3 -3.0.1 -1.0.5 – .05.5- .05
    Pad Width (mm)160757550505050
    Beam Quantity24466810
    Centerline Height1000-11001100-1250mm1100-1250mm1150-12501150-12501150-12501250-1500
    Haul Offs Extruder Equipment

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