Belling Machines

In Cooperation with MECANOR, Finland HMG Extrusions have the complete range of inline belling /socketing machines for pipes up to 720 mm diameter. Our high speed machines are capable of matching the extruder output, giving superb quality sockets and bell ends.  High speed jerk free movement of moving parts between heating and socketing stations allow for high speed socketing. Single and double heating stations allow gentle heating and with no thermal damage to the pipe.

Our precision machined cores are able to socket pipes and and also form rubber ring sockets for pressure pipes.


Technical Specifications

MODELMR 160MR 250MR 315MR 500MR 720
Weight (kg)20003500400060009000
Sockets/hr. -max.160×6.2 -40250×11.9 -20315×15 -15500×23.9 -6720×20.7 -6
Height (mm)17502100220035005000
Width (mm)8001500220035005000
Sockets/hr. – min.20×1.8 -24050×1.8 -210100×3.2 -120200×4.9 -80200×4.9 -80
Min / max. Diameter20/16050/250110/315200/500200/720
Heating Power (kW)4,5 x 26,0 x 27,5 x 210,0 x 215,0 x 2
Height Adjustment1000-11001000-11001000-11001000-11001000-1100

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