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SCS is your source for HMG Extrusion Equipment in the United States & Canada.  Our product range covers complete extrusion lines or individual units for the production of PVC, HDPE, PP, PPR & X-PE Pipe.  Click on each product below to view more details and techincal specificatons. 

Tooling Machine
Vacuum Tanks
Spray Tanks
Haul Off Machine
Cutter Machine
Beller Machine
Screws and Barrels

Extrusion Equipment Services

Custom Designed Extrusion Equipment

With our vast machinery design experience, we can take some of the most intense production situations and design simple solutions. If your requirements don’t fit standard “off the shelf” machinery and you need a custom solution, let us know how we can help.

We are proud to have helped many customers in this area over the years.

Complete Rebuilding and Retrofitting

  • Vacuum and Cooling Tank upgrades to high efficient spray systems.
  • Drive control package upgrades on Haul-offs to improve speed control and product quality
  • Flat belt or cleat conversions on haul-offs
  • Custom guarding systems to meet your company's individual safety requirements.